How Infectious Diseases Are Found Globally And How Are They Being Contained

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Formal Outline
Thesis Statement: The primary purpose of this research paper is to inform the reader about how infectious diseases are found globally and how are they being contained.
I. How Infectious Diseases spread and how to contain them.
A. The spread of all contagious diseases happen when many individuals are contracting the same illness.
1.Popular cities e.g. New York, Los Angeles…
2. Children/Adults already ill in crowded places.
B. When containing severe illnesses we take several steps.
2. Quarantine

II. Ten steps on how to Prevent Infectious Diseases.
A. Wash hands fequently.
B. Don´t share personal ítems.
C. Cover your mouth when coughing or sneezing.
D. Get vaccinated.
E. Use safe cooking practices.
F. Be a Smart travelar.
G. Practice safe sex.
H. Don´t pick your nose,mouth, or eyes.
I. Keep caution with animals.
J. Watch the news.
III. Who has more of a chance of getting sick fast and what to do.
A. Call your doctor.
IV. Prevention Through Immunizaton
A. Vaccination
1.Twenty seven diseases can be prevented.

Contagious diseases are around each and everyone of us. tick-tock around the clock. Twenty-four seven. In our own households to the busy days at the office, school, supermarkets, resturants, movies, even in hospitals. The start of a disease always starts with just one person contracting it. If while the person is sick extracts bodily fluids such as sweat and mucus or coughs without covering the oral with the manus then washing it,…
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