How Infectious Diseases Are Found Globally And How Are They Being Contained

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Formal Outline Thesis Statement: The primary purpose of this research paper is to inform the reader about how infectious diseases are found globally and how are they being contained. I. How Infectious Diseases spread and how to contain them. A. The spread of all contagious diseases happen when many individuals are contracting the same illness. 1.Popular cities e.g. New York, Los Angeles… 2. Children/Adults already ill in crowded places. B. When containing severe illnesses we take several steps. 1.Isolation 2. Quarantine II. Ten steps on how to Prevent Infectious Diseases. A. Wash hands fequently. B. Don´t share personal ítems. C. Cover your mouth when coughing or sneezing. D. Get vaccinated. E. Use safe cooking practices. F. Be a Smart…show more content…
Reason being when coughing into the manus germs fly from the virus or disease with your spit into your hand and if the hand isn´t sanitized before touching an object(s) that most people touch then boom you have germs on the object that everyone touches. Afterwards people will touch other objects and people. They will also touch their faces and eat. When the person that´s ill coughs into the air germs fly into the air around them. That´s one reason on how diseases and viruses spread. Anyone around a ill individual is exposed to extreme measures. ¨Infectious diseaes are a leading cause of deaths worldwide.¨ (Health And Wellness, 2010) When containing severe illnesses we take very cautious steps to prevent it from spreading. A sick person is kept in isolation, meaning they´re movement is resticted. A individual kept in quarantine they´re kept put because they have been exposed to the disease and will very soon become ill and contagious. Trying to avoid getting sick starts all with washing your hands. Reason being there are little microorganisms that are living under your nail and in the small creases of your hands. ¨Infectious (contagious) diseases are caused by microorganisms, viruses, bacteria, parasites, or fungi that are transmitted from one person to another through casual contact.¨(Health and Wellness 2010) Good old soap and wáter will do the trick of getting those microbes off. Do not share any personal ítems. In
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