How Infidelity Is Viewed Through The Lens Of Different Cultures

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This paper looks to achieve a better perspective of how infidelity is viewed through the lens of different cultures, and how it impacts these cultures, specifically looking at African-American, Hispanic-Americans, and Asian-American cultures. The topic of cultural views on infidelity in general terms is understood as there being unfaithfulness between partners in a relationship, whether it be emotional, sexual, or a combination of both. It is for the most part a behavior frowned upon worldwide. There are many reasons why infidelity may occur within a relationship. Individuals that do not feel emotional support or feels apathetic run a greater risk for infidelity (Allen et al., 2005). Other risky attitudes include poor communication, which is made up of fewer positive and more negative interactions (Allen et al., 2008).

Americans in general believe fidelity within an intimate relationship is of utmost importance (Johnson et al. 2002). Infidelity can happen in many serious intimate relationships, including marriage (Mark et al. 2011; Whisman & Snyder, 2007) and could be for a number of reasons such as to gain the partners attention, show unhappiness within the relationship, seeking revenge, and many more reasons. In research conducted, Liu (2000), found that there was a positive correlation between infidelity among men and opportunity. So if the chance to cheat was available, there was a good chance men would take it. This was questioned though in

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