How Information Is Vital For Operating A Business

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Information is vital to operating a business. Every organization uses personal information about its employees for its business operations and employee collaboration. The business relies on maintaining the confidentiality, integrity and availability of that information to operate privately and effectively [1]. Shortcomings in any of these categories can quickly cause significant impact, such as “infringements of human rights, financial damage to corporations and the failure of the entire information system” [11]. While securing a system from intentional attack is a scientific process with specific requirements and measurable performance [1], guaranteeing user compliance and security-affirming behavior is much more challenging. “No matter how well designed, security methods rely on individuals to implement and use them” [12]. Sensitive information is handled by most, if not all, employees in an organization. Every employee must not only comply with policies and processes, but also act carefully with information and be prepared to make good decisions when facing new risks.
Even respected information security techniques involving compliance and audit may fail to address real contemporary information risk. “Traditional approaches to information security, such as publishing a thick manual of policies and standards, no longer work. They might be fine for enabling you, and your management, to tick your compliance boxes, to demonstrate that you’re
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