How Information Systems Impact Organizations and Business Firms

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How Information Systems Impact Organizations and Business Firms
CHANGE is the only constant in the relationship between information systems and organizations. As technology evolves and changes, its introduction into organizations requires changes in the firm 's infrastructure and the services it can provide to its employees, customers, and suppliers.
Years ago information systems consisted of a huge mainframe computer with a few terminals connected to it. You had to schedule a specific time to use the computer if your company had one at all. All data were kept on one machine, and in some respects the data were available to whoever could access them.
When personal computers were introduced in the early 1980s, it became the norm for
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(Paperless Communication) To better illustrate this concept, let 's take a look at how a company can find it cheaper to use an information system to develop and disseminate a Human Resources policy regarding dress codes for employees. The HR assistant may write the first draft of the policy and give it to the HR director on paper. The director will review it and make changes. The assistant then must incorporate the changes and reprint the document. Wait! If there is an information system, the assistant can submit the draft to the director electronically and the director can make changes to the electronic version of the file and return it to the assistant. Already we 've saved part of a tree!
Of course others in the organization must review the new dress code policy. The proposed policy can be printed in fifteen copies, a person can manually send the copies out, track who they went to and when, and then track all the changes made to the proposal. Or, the proposed policy can be sent electronically to reviewers who will electronically collaborate on necessary changes. Each of the reviewers can see in "real time" what the others think and the changes they would like to make. We 've saved another part of the tree in reduced paper use, but we 've also saved a lot of time and human effort. (Time and Resources cuts drastically)
Once the policy is set, it has to be sent to each employee. We
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