How Information Technology Is Changing Organizations

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1. Introduction
The need of information for every organizations have become moderately huge and demanding because every organizations is paying attention to how to collect, exploit information. This scenario has begun because of many factors for example, extended range, large organizational size, and competitive pressure. Today’s modern world is full of competition and organization who have well built information systems will lead the market because Information system is the factor which grant many advantage to the organizations likewise help in leading the competitors, enhance production via finest consumption of resources suggested by Kleiner (2005). After many years (Loonam, McDonagh, et al. 2014) indicates that "The IS can
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Presently, world is continuing business in the shape of globalization and they are going extremely rapidly. These all has taken place because of alter of industrialized –based economy into information –based one. As now a day’s business globalization among nations is growing very speedily. Businesses attempting to uphold and survive competition with other countries and as, a result single of these competitors are using the information technology.
For high productivity of business is possible by information systems that use the most up-to-date information technology to gather, arrange and allocate data in such a way that they turn into meaningful as information.

1. Information Technology
The current section will determine the role of information technology how it is changing organization and business performance. Without any doubt, considerably IT is altering organizations at present and can be summed up in a single line: IT is breaking down obstructions. It breaks down obstruction by making communication simple and important. According to (Tirgar and Chirani 2013) IT is like a area which is full of technology which is facilitating the world to gather information and information technology presentation in U.S assert that investment in IT has a save result on financial performance of the company. Moreover, IT helps managers in making decision and IT allows mangers to immediately coordinate and control the organization’s functioning.
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