How Information Technology Is Changing Organizations

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1. Introduction
The need of information for every organizations have become moderately huge and demanding because every organizations is paying attention to how to collect, exploit information. This scenario has begun because of many factors for example, extended range, large organizational size, and competitive pressure. Today’s modern world is full of competition and organization who have well built information systems will lead the market because Information system is the factor which grant many advantage to the organizations likewise help in leading the competitors, enhance production via finest consumption of resources suggested by Kleiner (2005). After many years (Loonam, McDonagh, et al. 2014) indicates that "The IS can significantly lend a hand to organizations in achieving superior effectiveness and efficiency. Figures, notes, or statistical tally that have slight worth but, when assembled into one information become informative for decision making.
On the other hand, this paper with information system also tells about how information technology is changing organizations functioning. Organizations for high performance are doing all they are able to aim for work venues and better functioning in an environment. So, for soaring performance organizations are doing investment in Information technology. As according to (Tirgar and Chirani 2013), earlier the only technology which was considered as information technology was computer however in present world, IT is…
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