How Information Technology Successfully Impact On The Business Process Of Engineering And Organizational Performance

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Exploring Factors that Contribute to Success of Business Process Reengineering and concussion of Business Process Reengineering on Organizational Performance:
Objective of this study is to endeavor the dependency of business process re-engineering and organizational performance. Through this research they are trying to conclude the significant factors that are involved in successful implementation of business process re-engineering. The role of information technology also examines in this study that how information technology successfully impact on the business process re-engineering.
Pakistan’s Banking sector was selected for this research. Calmative is the nature of this study. Open handed unstructured questionnaire was designed to conduct the depth interview in banking sector from managerial level. 10 managers from the banks of Pakistan were chosen to conduct this survey. To conclude and better result findings literature review was also done by the researcher.
The purpose of this study is to guide the banking sector that how the can develop their competency among their competitors in the advance market. As now a days new technologies are introducing day by day so banking sector as well as organization are compel to innovate their strategy and process so that they can attain a reputable place in the market, maximize their profit, decrease their cost and delight their customer needs. For all these purpose…
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