How Information Technology Support A Company 's Business Processes And Decision Making

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Questions 1. How can information technology support a company’s business processes and decision making and give it a competitive advantage? Give examples to illustrate your answer. Information technology impacts every aspect of a company’s processes and decision making. From marketing to sales, to supply chain and inventory management, everything is impacted by technology. Ensuring your organization has the right technology is crucial to maximize efficiency and revenue. As technology has become cheaper, and access to technology solutions are now available to all organizations, finding a competitive advantage can be difficult. With the rise of the cloud, small businesses do not have to setup large data centers, hire IT personal, and…show more content…
Organizations should also be looking at their software to determine if custom software would provide them a better solution then what’s currently available. Another significant process that is impacted by information technology is the manufacturing process. Organizations that invest heavily into automation in production can find a competitive advantage. IT now provides manufactures the ability to use computers that can control machine tools leading to faster and more accurate production. In the oil industry, IT has provided drillers the capability to measure the temperature of the rock, the angle of their drill bits, and many other readings (Porter, 2015). Training is another process that has the ability to provide a competitive advantage. Training can be significantly different in every organization and companies must decide how many resources should be dedicated to train employees. Companies should want their employees to not only utilize the currently available IT resources within the company, but to be able to identify possible solutions that they see on the market. This also ties into being able to use the full capabilities of software and other tools that they already have. As organizations continue to evaluate the types of information technology that floods the markets they will have to
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