How Inmates Are Assessed During The Booking Process Essay

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Karissa Coffey


Sampling The sample for this study is accumulated by individuals in the criminal justice system including law enforcement, corrections officers, and mental health analysts that are involved with individuals that are being booked or process in Ada County Jail. The individuals that are being analyzed are mentally ill and homeless that has been booked into Ada County Jail in Boise, Idaho that requires treatment for mental health issues. This research will be gathered from a probability sampling technique. Since the individuals being questioned are typically homeless or continually entered into the system, the data being analyzed will already be entered into the system. Therefor this study will be conducted using a simple or systematic random sampling technique. The research will analyze how inmates are assessed during the booking process. The study conducted will be gathered from both the inmates and the corrections staff. The information that is assembled from the questionnaires will help the researchers to analyze the mental health for inmates. This could potentially help professionals to treat and diagnose the incoming individuals with mental health issues. This research sampling method would be useful in this study because it takes the entire population of homeless individuals with mental illnesses and are chosen randomly. This gives a better chance of getting new information from individuals from both the staff perspectives and the inmates.
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