How Instant Messaging ( Im ) And Texting

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Discuss how instant messaging (IM) and texting could be a benefit, or an obstacle, or both, in your industry.
In my workplace, employees are able to connect with colleagues through internal social media and instant messaging (IM) tools. The social media chat tool affords employees (globally) to connect and discuss topics such as proposal support, employees with special skillsets, training interest, online tutorial sessions (i.e., updating resumes, corporate management seminars), shared information obtained at conferences and/or technology presentations, global engineering industry news, and individual and team awards and recognition. Although a separate application, messages generated through the social media tool are displayed in the company’s email inbox.

The IM feature is very beneficial because employees can simultaneously review a document or spreadsheet and communicate/provide input to one another via online IM, instead of over speakerphone - which can be very distracting for employees operating in a cube-farm type environment (common-practice within the industry).

To date, I have not viewed the internal social media and instant messaging (IM) tools as obstacles; however, my email inbox gets very populated by the numerous social media messages from employees who are sharing information or requesting support.. I don’t always find time to review each message, but I am confident that if my direct assistance is required, I will receive an email requesting my immediate
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