How Instructional Technology Has Evolved Into What Is Defined As 21st Technology?

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To begin to understand how instructional technology has evolved into what is defined as 21st technology today. The first question to be answered is: What is technology? According M.D. Roblyer, author of Integrating Educational Technology into Teaching, “technology can be anything from a pencil to a viral environment” (2016. P. 6) If we use this definition, we can go back to prehistoric time when man used chiseled stone to carve their thoughts onto a wall inside of a cave over 200,000 years ago. Fast forward to approximately 400BC, Plato. How does a philosopher fit it into technology? He is known for his “famous work, the Republic, which is regarded as his own philosophy, where the main character in effect speaks for Plato himself.…show more content…
P. 270). By the 1970’s, instructional and system models, like the ADDIE, were created. When 1990 emerged, the internet opened a real world to education and the ability to share. IT created new ways of communication that are still being developed today in technology through both instructional and educational technology. In education the terms instructions and technology and educational technology are intertwined and often taken for the other. Both have been defined by M.D. Roblyer. He refers to instructions technology as it “deals directly with teaching and learning application” (2015. P. 424). Educational technology was defined as “a combination of the process and tools involved in addressing educational needs and problems, with an emphasis on applying the most current digital and informational tools” (Roblyer, 2016. P. 423). In simpler terms, one is the application of knowledge and the other is the process of applying that information through technological tools. Instruction technology is different when it is used in various settings. From primary grade through college level and even in businesses, they all begin with the teaching and learning process. From the early start of education in the 21st Century, that “societal changes and technological breakthroughs, it’s become abundantly clear that the human brain
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