How Interaction between Students and Teachers Impacts Students

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The reason for this study is to illustrate how interaction between students and teachers impact students and to demonstrate the role of motivation in someone’s educational experience. This is a concern for teachers and students of professional communities. The teacher’s professional communities may need more development in identifying problems between teachers and students and building relationships with students. Students should have input into their learning and give suggestions on how they prefer to learn things. Often times students receive knowledge instead of building knowledge. What I mean by this is students sit and listen to all the knowledge the teacher speaks to them, they may take notes, complete a worksheet or do some other assignment, however, they do not connect new knowledge to prior knowledge for expansion. There is no connection between what they already know and what they are learning, there is also no emphasis on applying it to everyday life. More development in the relationship area will teach teachers how to teach/reach students; to care for the students beyond the classroom. Sometimes students fight emotional and maybe even physical battles before coming to school and I believe there is a way every teacher can be a beacon of light for students. Through relationships with the students, teachers can compel them to move past what they are dealing with and focus in class. It is through relationships that the classroom atmosphere is established. If the
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