How Internet Affects The Current Market

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Internet, the most popular word in the twenty first century. It is leading a digital revolution which changes the world. Those changes affect not only basic lifestyles but also the business world. Some users realize that the internet is an important approach to daily communication. However, others view it as a brand new marketing channel, which spreads awareness about promoting their products and services. “With revenues of about $1.59 trillion a year and growing, the internet is the best place for a business to create a presence to grow its revenue” Jinger Jarrett, a journalist and an internet marketer, said (Jarrett, 2016). Therefore, it is essential to understand how internet marketing affects the current market and how it helps the…show more content…
B. Need for the study As a part of the promotional mix, internet marketing can help build the brand image, spread product information and keep in touch with customers. Moreover, it is really convenient and easy to use with electronic devices, such as computers, mobile phones, iPads, etc. Customers can get product details and buyer’s feedback through social media, official mobile apps and website pages. It only takes a few minutes to catch consumers’ eyes and motivate them to make a purchase decision, so if a company holds the trend of internet marketing, it will gain a huge profit. Therefore, companies need to understand how the internet marketing works and how to use it to gain benefits. There are almost two billion Internet users around the world. The top two countries with the highest user’s number are China and the United States. These two countries also have the largest consumer markets in the world (Belch, 2012, 494). A large market combining with a huge internet user group makes the current of internet marketing irresistible. In addition, most companies choose to have free markets, so the trade barrier declines and the economic globalization increases. These factors speed up the international trade competition. Giant brands like Boeing, Apple, and Walmart expand and target quickly to all over the world. It is easy to tell those companies play an important role in the international business. China, a big customer market, is
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