How Internet Has Affected Social Media and Connections

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According to Science, the global takeover of the internet has grown exponentially since its first beginnings in 1993. It communicated only 1% of two-way telecommunications but has grown to be 97% in 2007. The internet’s growth along with technological advances in communication devices has made the world a more connected place. We are now able to make one phone call and reach someone across the world in a matter of seconds, in addition now you can also see that person through a simple wireless connection through the internet. Now that we have this accessibly, companies are able to relay promotions and giveaways to their consumers without deterring our eco balance and bring more businesses to the internet world such as…show more content…
Often times we are comparing what we do now with what has been done almost 50 years ago. When we reply to a text to someone it is just a new form of communication, we are not neglecting the people in front of us but just adding new ones to our lives. It’s the same concept that has continued since our nation was founded, once something is introduced to society as a better innovation of what we currently have, such as the cellphone, we automatically view it as a negative impacted until it slowly gains a positive feedback. When the cellphone was brought to the public in 1973 by Motorola there was a backlash because of the fact that “it was not the norm” but soon people began to use it and now it is a regular part of daily living and lifestyle that we see today. But also depends on the social aspects on a personal level as described by John Bargh and Katelyn McKenna’s journal Internet and Social Life, “According to this perspective, the special qualities of Internet social interaction do have an impact on the interaction and its outcomes, but this effect can be quite different depending on the social context” (Bargh 577).
Technology can be a burden
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