How Internet Has Changed Our Lives

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In today’s world Internet has become one of the most important mediums of communication. It has become the lifeline of our survival. It has removed the entire social, economic and physical barrier and has immense effect on our day to day activity.
The internet has given a new outlook to the way we do business. It has made the world look like a small place because we can order or sell anything and everything around the globe. Internet has become a boon for the upcoming companies as they can promote their new technology, their brand name through the internet. Now net banking is possible in which we can directly check our balance, open new account or can directly transfer the money in someone’s account without even going to the bank .We can pay all the bills and book the tickets online just by sitting at home. There is no more need to stand in queue. We can shop online, compare all the clothing brands just by sitting at home and we get the desired product within some days at our door step. We can even return the product if we are not satisfied. The internet is used by companies to build better relations with customer. We can send large chunks of data through email. Small part time business have also become successful ,if someone is good at baking cakes so they can ship them online and earn good amount of money for this. On the contrary, there are some risks doing business on the internet. Our accounts, card detail can be at risk while making any transactions and someone can
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