How Interns Are Influenced By The Internship

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The purpose of the proposed study is to explore how interns are influenced by the internship in regards to their career choice. The data will be collected from the three different field sites; Higbee and Associates, Legal Aid Society of Orange County and Public Defenders Office of Santa Ana with assessing total of 50-60 interns who will be participating in these three different field sites. Using the previous studies as a guideline I will use the combination of interviews and questionnaires to assess the attitudes of the interns regarding the before and after the internship. After assessing the interns the proposed study will conduct a follow-up study with the interns after six years to see the impact of the internship on the career…show more content…
Does the internship help the interns decide if they like this area of law? Does it affect the career choice for the interns? Finding previous relevant research that correlates with my topic was very difficult, because not a lot of studies have been conducted with respect to interns and internship effects., However, with using these keywords: legal setting, internships, interns, motivation. I was able to find three relevant articles that some how were relevant with the proposed study that I wanted to conduct.
In an empirical study conducted by Seow Hon (2014) in Singapore focused on future lawyers and the effect of a law firm internship on their experience. More specifically it wanted to asses the impact of a law firm internship on the work ethic and values of future lawyers. The study was conducted with 52 students from the SMU university who are currently involved in private law firms. The empirical study was conducted in two parts to asses the impact. The first part was a quantitative survey, which consisted of multiple-choice, ranking- type, rating-type and open-ended questions, which were conducted from an online survey tool (Seow Hon, 2014). The second part of the study consisted of a qualitative follow-up interview with the future lawyers. The study found various
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