How Interpersonal Skills Are The Basis Of Effective Management

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The ability to use Interpersonal skills and communication, and motivation to lead and achieve effective business management. Interpersonal skills, are a set of important life skills which we use in our day-to-day life in different scenarios, professional or personal, any individual will be using these skills when there is interaction or communication with other humans. In this essay I will discuss how interpersonal skills are the basis of effective management and how motivation plays a critical role in bringing the business to success. When we say communication a lot of the times people misunderstand communication as only delivering a message acrossacross what?, often people forget about the listening part of communicating, for example, managers only tell employees what they have to do, but neglect what the employees have to say about the task, perhaps they have an idea of how the task maybe done better RUN ON SENTENCE. Listening as a part of communication is as important as THE speaking part of it. Communication is a two-way thing, and the better one can communicate the more efficient one can deliver a message effectively. Interpesonal skills play a major role in increasing effectiveness in conveying a message Interpersonal skills is a collective term, described by these 7 main features: Verbal communication, Non-verbal communication, Listening, Negotiation, Problem-solving, Decision-making and Assertiveness (Interpersonal). In a company where there is a hierarchy, the
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