How Interracial Marriage Affects Children

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How interracial Marriage Affects Children

What do you think that your reactions would be if your sibling or friend introduced their spouse, who happened to be from another race? Would you be taken aback? Would you never accept the situation? If that would be the case, it is the time to face the reality.
These days, mixed-color families and couples are common. I have personally seen many cases. Interracial marriages happen everywhere. Even in Korea where people are proud of a five thousand year of history of homogeneous population, interracial marriages occur. What is the interracial marriage? It means marriage between different races that is a form of exogamy. The term of interracial marriage is synonymous with interethnic marriage,
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Moreover, regardless of their own inner problems with identity, there would be negative effects from outside. The first social group that children meet is family; parents’ role is specially important and has the biggest impact in their lives. Multiracial parents are different races from the child. Between parents, a multiracial child might try to choose one identity. One parent might try to pull child in one direction while the other parent tries to pull the child in a different direction. At times, if one parent is not chosen, he/she gives the child negative feedback to their child. This can cause lack of supporting that the children should get from parents, and it may influence children’s emotional stability. Even though at times parents and child agree on the child’s identity, society does not accept their decision. In both cases, children might lay blame on their parents, and it brings resentment in a family. (“Interracial Marriages”) The other problem that the children may face in the family is conflict with relatives or siblings (Rosenblatt, Karis, and Powell). Most times, grandparents are close to the multiracial child. However, sometimes because of their traditional views, grandparents might be afraid of being associated with children of another color. In other words, “they feel fear from being stigmatized whey they are seen with their multiracial grandchildren.” At times, the child might be pushed the one side of the family of the parents that the

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