How Is 1984 History Changing And Surveillance

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History changing and surveillance is all strewn throughout ONE in Orwell’s 1984, so much so that Oceania citizens have virtually no freedom and do not know the truth. History changing is blaringly obvious when Winston was told to vaporize Comrade Withers, an Inner Party member who worked for a company called FFCC that vanished one day, and replace him with made up a person, Comrade Ogilvy. “There was no such person as Comrade Ogilvy”, whose whole life was created to fit what the Party thought was a perfect and upstanding citizen, but Winston points out that “a few lines of print” as well as “a couple of faked photographs” could quickly make him seem like a real person (Orwell 46). Because of this, it was impossible for the people of Oceania

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