How Is Aphora Used In Poetry

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1.) Anaphora is the repetition of a word or phrase at the beginning of a line of poetry, for example, the first stanza repeats the word “There.” The author may have employed this repetition to emphasize to what the author sees as reality, or to emphasize further his point. 2.) Examples of expletives in this are phrases like “there is,” “by the,” and “in which” which are mainly used as fillers and serve to emphasize following points. 3.) Line number five “I love not Man the less, but Nature more” serves as an overview statement. 4.) “Interviews” mean experiences, moments, memories, or activities. 5.) He feels that he has given up his own sense of self, more specifically, what he was and what he is. He is losing his very person. 6.) No, the…show more content…
15.) “Clay creator” probably relates to the people who made the boats. 16.) The “toys” are the useless things that man makes in a vain attempt to defend against or to tame the ocean. This conclusion was made because “these” most likely relates to the objects described before it. 17.) The ocean’s waves 18.) It serves to prove and emphasize a point and to make a reader ponder the meaning of what was being said. 19.) The ocean is much stronger than any human empire and is not fleeting. It is no match against anyone and will destroy anything that comes in its path. 20.) The most important word used to describe the ocean is “tyrant” because nothing can stand up to its power and the ocean forces them to bow down to it. The ocean is merciless and will not restrain its power. 21.) The ocean is a form of God, it is the “Almighty’s form.” The ocean, like God is “the symbol of eternity” and will live forever. 22.) It is described as an immortal entity of which people cannot see its true power and whom everything in the ocean obeys. 23.) The relationships made is that humans view the ocean as a place for fun, where they can relax and enjoy life. The phrase “borne like bubbles” connotes happiness and
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