How Is Black Swan Psychoanalysis Criticism

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“Perfection is not just about control, but also letting go.” Psychoanalysis in literary criticisms is a criticism that is an idea of an unconscious area within the human mind. It emphasized the role of unconscious in determining human behavior. In here, childhood experiences is very important. Dreams are also important, in a way, that it is interpreted to know what is the message the unconscious area wants the conscious one to know. “Black Swan” is an intense psychological thriller describing a ballet dancer’s metamorphosis into the “Black Swan”. Black Swan is about a ballet dancer who wins the lead role of the swan queen that requires to dance as both the sweet white and evil black swans. Though she wants to dance as the black swan, it is a challenge to her because it requires dark passion that is beyond her technique. The protagonist, Nina Sayers, slowly loses her mind as the black swan torments her for control, in which then she becomes…show more content…
It is the distorted forms or images and ideas our unconscious wants us to be aware about. It is said that it is our brains way to fulfill our wish. In Nina’s situation, Lily may be a dream for her. Why? I have this thought in my mind that Lily doesn’t exist. One instance is when Nina was crying and she saw someone on the dark, and it looks like her. But when it came to the light, it was Lily. Another one is when she had a dream that they are making love. But there are times that when she look at her, all she can see is her face. I believe that Lily is the person Nina made. Remember that Lily is the exact opposite of her: careless, free spirit and a seducer. She wished to be that kind of person. She wishes to be the black swan. The fulfillment of her wish came true when she became the black swan. When she possess all the characteristics she always wanted to be. When the sweet little girl who always wear pink became that seducer who wears
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