How Is Brocklehurst Presented In Jane Eyre

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Jane Eyre is a young orphan child, smart and independent in nature and sadly mistreated in her new home. She is outwardly emotional towards her caretaker Mrs. Reed. Her disagreement with her unfair treatment is seen as very disrespectful even though it might be quite just.
Jane Eyre’s acting out is highly disapproved of by Lowood’s owner, Mr. Brocklehurst. Brocklehurst seems to have very strong feelings towards following the Bible, yet might not do so himself. He demands the students at Lowood dress and act modestly, unlike himself and his family. Girls are punished for having their hair curled or done in anyway, while Brocklehurst’s own daughter and wife have their hair curled every time they visit the school. Besides being hypocritical towards appearance, he also barely feeds the girls enough food to live. Mr. Brocklehurst himself would never eat as little as the children do, yet he finds it completely fair to feed them little since they are “suffering in the name of the lord” which will make their character strong in the future.
Bronte let’s the reader see into the society of this time, through the interactions each character has with each other. The reader can understand that class was of utmost
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Not only are looks and appearances important to determining class, so is everything anyone says. Because of Jane Eyre’s mouth, the reader can see how important respectful behavior was in that time. Jane Eyre, even though not one, is expected to behave like a servant. When she does not agree with this she is thrown into the red room and put away in Lowood. The way a person dresses and acts is most important to that time, everything counted on it. The way a person dressed showed everything about them and the way they spoke just proved it. Jane Eyre is forced to live in this strange and somewhat cruel society, which the reader learns more about with every
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