How Is Coraline Different From The Novel

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The novel Coraline written by Neil Gaiman is a great horror novel. The book was even to a film directed by Henry Selick. Although there are a lot of differences between the book and the film, there is one thing that is common. That is the gothic horror story style. The gothic style is a genre or mode of literature and film that combines fiction and horror, death, and at times romance. As you can see, the “Coraline” series are typical gothic horror. The gothic features in Coraline include the environment, the characters, the special items and the emotions. So let us a have a close look at those features and find out how they make the story terrifying and successful.

First of all, the environment is a very important part of the story. The novel and the film made the old house a gloomy creepy haunted house successfully. In the novel, Neil wrote: “This is an old house”. And in the film, dark grey is the main colour of the house which made the setting a gothic setting. The house was shown as a dusty place that is the lack of light and colour. As the Doppelganger of the real house, the house made by the Other Mother is very interesting as well. The house looked the same as the real one in the novel. But in the film, the
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The creepy item in the story were the button eyes. The eyes are the window to one’s soul. So the button eyes being sewed in the novel and film probably means the soul being imprisoned. What will happen is that the soul will have to stay with the other mother forever. This gives me chills just thinking about it. Another item related to the button eyes is the doll in the film. Even though the doll didn’t appear in the novel, the doll did make the film scary. The meaning of the doll was probably that she thinks the people who stepped into her house will be her toys. She will play with them forever. That is really
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