How Is Curley's Wife Lonely

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“Hardly none of the guys travel together” slim (35). In the 1930’s migrant workers were very independent and guys weren’t typically seen traveling because times were tough in those days. Curley’s wife is lonely because she is married to a man she doesn’t love and is unhappy. Crooks has always been alone and outcasted for the color of his skin. Candy lost his best friend and knows he won’t be good for much longer because he’s missing a hand and as soon as he can’t work they’ll kick him out. Each character feels like they don’t have people to talk to and family isn’t around or they don’t have one they can’t talk to people because this is a work place and that’s what they have is work associates not friends so if they can't talk to people at work or have friends and family who do they have really. Curley's wife is known as a tart around the ranch and is known to eye up any man which gets her hated around the ranch,…show more content…
He doesn’t have friends and has been separated al his life. Because of his skin color.Crooks is black and his whole life has been degraded down because of it.Crooks “ there wasn’t another colored family for miles” (70). Crooks sleeps in a barn outside separate from the white guys because he’s black.Crooks was talking to lennie that “I tell ya a guy gets lonely an he gets sick” (73) even a guy that don't have another guy to talk to he goes crazy because people need people.crooks tells the guys he was not serious about joining the farm “i didn't mean it just foolin i wouldn't want to go to no place like that” (83) because he didn’t want to disappoint himself in the future because he knows it wasn’t going to work out.Crooks has been alone all his life he doesn’t have friends and sleeps alone and separated and has to talk with complete respect to his white superiors and when given a little chance of hope rejects it because he knows its just hope nothing else.Everyone is alone in one way or another they could’ve shared their
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