How Is David Madando Innocent

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We are here today to hear about the case of this individual. David Madando better know as Tsotsi. David Madando is innocent in many ways, The defenders proposed we are here is because although this young man is innocent, have to be punished for some things that he did in the past few years.

To begin with, Mr. Madondo is innocent because he acts unconsciously. Incidentally, he beat up Boston one of his friends and then he runs away. He acts with fear because when he beat up Boston he ran away. In weakness this prove that, “He broke his fist into his nose, and then his ear” (Fugard 26). He acts like that because of the way he grew up, because of this he don't know anything about his past, and Boston was questioning him. However, he later realized that he doesn't have to kill anyone, with this in mind, he realized that he cannot decide if someone have to live or have to die. In (Fugard 114). Tsotsi said, “I don't have to do! This meant nothing to Morris until the young man said it again.” This means that he has a feeling when he was just about to kill someone just because he was ugly. Also this shows that he started to think about his actions and change his point of view life.
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First, he took the baby with him, he took care of the baby, he changes his diapers, he don't know the milk he is going to give to the baby, but he figures out, because of this according to (Fugard 46). said “Cassim dropped to his knees and whispered, baby milk, but his wife think that Cassim had just been knifed” He shows so much love for the baby that he change for the little David. He don't want to give the baby to Mirian because he wanted the baby for him, he hides the baby in the ruins that he hadn't said anything to his friends because he wanted to change and keep the baby for
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