How Is Deception Portrayed Through the Characters Within 1984?

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How is deception portrayed through the characters within 1984? Deception. Perhaps we all have been deceived at one point or another in our lives – maybe you were deceived by your parents, into thinking that they would buy you a certain present for Christmas, only to realize on December 25th that it is not the present you were hoping for. Imagine being deceived almost every day of your life; telescreens to monitor your every move, even your eyes can give away the slightest piece of evidence, and there is no justice for the innocent; because after all, no one is innocent. Now imagine Oceania; set in the future, written in 1948. Airstrip One, previously referred to as London. Ravished by war, poor living conditions, poor wages and a total…show more content…
Julia is the epitome of everything that Winston loathes; pretty young women, for it makes him think of his own wife and emphasizes his jealousy. However we eventually find out that she shares Winston’s ideals about the hatred of Big Brother, and she is described as a “sexual rebel”, and had sex with various Party members, but saves herself from being caught by the Thought Police by wearing the red sash of the Anti-Sex League. Julia deceives almost everyone in this dystopian society, by posing as an innocent young woman, but secretly rebelling and hating the Party. Julia’s deceiving nature is indicated through her “ripping off the scarlet sash of the Junior Anti-Sex League, and flinging it onto a nearby bough.” The choice of diction used by Orwell emphasizes both Julia’s reckless nature and her dislike for the party; “flinging” the sash indicates to the audience that she does not actually believe in the Junior Anti-Sex League; that is was indeed a cover to protect herself from being caught, and the word “scarlet” to describe the color of the sash is perhaps even a warning or a foreshadowing that something bad will happen in the future with Winston and Julia regarding the validity of Julia’s membership in this chastity pledge. Through her actions, Julia has been deceiving the Party for a long time, as well as deceiving Big Brother for she has not been caught for 12 years, until her and Winston’s affair becomes known to the Thought Police. O’Brien deceives Winston and
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