How Is E-Commerce Related To Ethics, Technology And Society

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E-Commerce: Its relation to Ethics, Technology and Society
With each passing day and season, the world is introduced to new technological experiences and revolutionary ideas which have helped to shape and dictate consumer behavior. Currently, people get to do their shopping from the comfort of their homes or while in their offices or even while on vacation. Technology has indeed helped to change the world and increase efficiency and effectiveness in some activities. During e-commerce’s inception, some sceptics and critics thought the idea was flawed and deemed it man’s infatuation with development. However, e-commerce has completely revolutionized consumer behavior and has also created myriads of opportunities for growth. The jobs have been created, millions of dollars generated, and shopping has never been this easy. However, there are still some factors or lines of thought in relation to e-commerce that need to be explained. For example, the ethical issues surrounding e-commerce, technological innovations behind e-commerce, and societal reactions towards the invention and adoption of e-commerce. While assumptions can fuel a conversation, one can never depend on them fully and hence the focus of this article on ethics, society, and technology.
E-commerce has indeed revolutionized the world, and some of its benefits include access 24-hour operations, providing access to a global market, the removal of the middleman, provides a level playing field, reduces marketing costs,
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