How Is Folklore Changing with the Urbanization of Our Society

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How is folklore changing with the urbanization of our Society? This essay aims to show how social change was portrayed by folklores in the colonial and post-colonial times and how the idea of cultural mixing was propagated or prevented through them. What is Folklore? The word “folk” refers to the people associated with different groups which have something common like a language or a culture. The knowledge of these common factors constitutes Folklore. It not only includes the dances, songs and stories but also the beliefs of these groups and the actions evolving from these beliefs. Oral tradition is a very important part of folklore. Importance of Studying Folklore There is always an implicit meaning in the Folklores. Studying them is a means to increase one’s cultural awareness, reproduce and appreciate the archaic customs and traditions. It has enabled us to answer questions like “Who are we” and discover our roots. History of Indian Folklore Scholars have always been under a fake impression and have associated villagers with folk and seen folklores as something rigid. The Indian Folk comprises of the urban elite as much as the villagers, tribals. The very first printed Indian folklore collection was by Mary Frere, the daughter of Bombay’s Governor in 1868. Such collections were given a lot of importance because they were seen as a means to understand and increase knowledge about the superstitions and beliefs of Indians. However a lot of the work that followed was

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