How Is Gender Portrayed In The Hunger Games Trilogy By Suzanne Collins

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The proposed dissertation will explore the question “How is gender portrayed in the Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins?”. It will answer this by exploring how the genders of the main characters are portrayed in the Hunger Games trilogy compare to Susan Lehr’s definitions of what traditional gender roles are often defined as in children’s literature. Her definitions describe males “… as active, loud, aggressive, unemotional, independent, less mature than girls, strong, handsome, bold, curious, adventurous, tough, and naturally smart” (Lehr, 2001, p. 1) and females “… as passive, quiet, sweet, nice, emotional, more mature than boys, dependent, hard-working, smart, shy, accommodating, beautiful, pretty, or cute” (Lehr, 2001, p. 1).…show more content…
He states that Gale “… is essentially a static character, remaining a stereotypical “man’s man” — that is, fearless, direct, aggressive, and compelling” (Henthorne, 2012, p. 57) which adheres to Lehr’s definition of a boy completely.
In order to explore how gender is portrayed in the three primary texts in depth, the dissertation shall be organised into chapters with some traits outlined by Lehr as the topics for each. For both masculinity and femininity, the chapters will explore ambition, appearance, and mannerisms including emotions. They will also look at the role of provider and aggression for masculinity as well as the role of carer for femininity which the dissertation shall contrast against masculine providing. The act of the male providing is through duty and is a display of dominance over females while caring is a maternal instinct, nevertheless, these roles are defied by the widowed, formerly dependent mothers, whose working husbands have died in mining accidents, who are forced “… to function in the traditionally masculine role of breadwinner … [by] hunting and working outside the home to earn a living” (Bienvenue Bray, 2016, p. 107) to support their children. These roles and traits are vastly different for each gender when compared, for example, female ambition is centred around unskilled work to support their families when the male

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