How Is Genetics Play Our Life?

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Growing up today we are all taught in elementary school about the role genetics plays in our lives. However I believe it is presented to us in a way that is designed to only give us a small sliver of the puzzle at least in part due to the emphasis now placed on Mathematics and the Sciences in an attempt to keep the United States on pace with other countries like China whose students excel in this area. As a result we lose the cultural aspect of our upbringing because it isn’t taught to us until you learn about yourself later in life. For example elementary school taught me that genes had an immense impact on our personality and lifestyle and while this is not false I now realize in the course of completing this assignment that our upbringing and life experiences is just as important as genetics. I’ve come to learn from those I interviewed in my own family how important your experiences are in shaping your life as an adult. My grandmother Carol, my mother Diana, and my older brother Zachary with a 30 year gap between the trio have shown me much about their experiences with education, family, and religion. It’s truly amazing to see the melting pot of decades of trial and error life experiences between three people come together to give me the best upbringing possible. In fact in the course of my research I’ve come to realize that maybe this directly relates to the sciences in Darwinism. As their traits though acquired after their genetic makeup was formed all come to a head…
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