How Is Gilgamesh Related To Your Life

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“What in the reading of Gilgamesh is related to your life?” asked my therapist, I laid back on the chair and started thinking about the question she just asked me. She begins to ask me more questions, but I am still thinking about the first question. I am about to speak when she says “times up!” I get up from the chair, as I am driving home I still hear her question running through my head. I begin to answer the question by thinking about the character Gilgamesh, Gilgamesh is a character who is very concerned about his image, very ignorant and unaware about what life means to him. He goes on a quest, wins a victory, and comes back transformed. I can relate to Gilgamesh in some ways, not all his characteristics are characteristics I see in myself,…show more content…
I can relate to this part of the story, there are moments when I am too afraid to try new things because I have heard stories of people who have failed at them, or because I just don’t believe in myself at the moment, but I end up reminding myself that I am a strong person who can try anything and if I fail I can ty again. When Gilgamesh friend Enkidu dies, Gilgamesh realizes he does not want to die, he fears death and is determined to find the answer for immortality. He is curious for answers. Like Gilgamesh I am determined to find answers about life. I am not in search for immortality like Gilgamesh, but I am in search for identity. I feel I will find my true identity through my beliefs, by having a strong connection with my beliefs and obtaining wisdom and knowledge through my beliefs. I want to have a full understanding about my beliefs, but I know it is not possible because there are many unanswered questions. I am a curios person like Gilgamesh, but also determined like him, determined to keep learning about my beliefs. I want to apply knowledge to my everyday life. Gilgamesh was in search for immortality because he did not want to die, but when I think of death, I think of it as
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