How Is Global Warming Affecting The Arctic?

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Task 1 How is global warming affecting the arctic? • The arctic is estimated to be ice free by 2030 due to global warming and the melting of the ice caps. • The law against the use of CFC’s in products such as hair spray aerosols and some paints luckily was made in 1994 to make it illegal to sell any product with harmful CFC’s in. • Recent studies have said that the time between a child been born this year to the age of them being 80 the worlds temperature will have risen by 6 and a half degrees in temperature. (1) The ozone layer surrounding our earth is slowly getting thicker allowing heat to get through but not get out this is a major concern as the world’s temperature carries on rising increasing the decline in ice. This is also drying up our water supplies making the world suffer. How is deforestation affecting the rainforest? Forests control the amounts of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere therefore contributing to global warming. However we as a planet have a problem… deforestation. • Forest ecosystems cover around 31% of our land across the world; they produce vital supplies from oxygen to logs for the production of paper and furniture such as tables. • The amazon rainforest covers 40% of the South American continent. • In 1978 the destruction of the rainforest began and today figures show we have already lost 750,000 square kilometres in Peru, Columbia and Guyana. • Deforestation in the amazon was the result of farmers increasing their farms to hold the
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