How Is Hamlet Relevant Today

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For the group production of Hamlet, my role in the film-making process was acting as Claudius (uncle of Hamlet and King of Denmark), making the crown props and also bringing in props such as glasses and tie.
As a group we tried to stay true to the characters. Our version of the play was very similar to the BBC film version of the play that we watched in class. As the film felt like the best portrayal of the characters we thought it that our best shot at keeping the play as relevant as possible would be to stay close to the script and try and re-enact the way the scenes were played out in the film. Our play wasn’t very original but the subtle changes in our version along with our unique acting skills will hopefully highlight some of the key
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We also didn’t need to turn it into a modern day Hamlet because the story and what Hamlet experiences is something which is still very relevant today. Although there are some scenes in the play that would have been much more relevant back in the day when Shakespeare first wrote Hamlet - such as the fact that it is no longer common for people to believe in ghosts and the idea of the queen marrying her husband’s brother might not be as accepted – we tried to act out the scenes as realistically as possible.
Because a lot of the main themes in Hamlet – death, suicide, family dynamics, love and madness – still exists in today’s society you don’t have to reach far to find some relevance to your own life or experiences. This helped us to better understand our characters and act drawing from our own personal experiences.
Since, back in the day of Shakespeare’s live plays, all of his characters were all played by men, it seemed quite appropriate and modern for us to use an all-female cast for a play that had mainly male characters. We didn’t try and push costuming to the point where we would actually look like men but we kept it subtle instead. Overall we were able to connect to our characters and the themes of the play whilst filming which gave us the ability to portray to the audience how we had interpreted the
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