How Is Henry Shown In The Red Badge Of Courage

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The Red Badge of Courage
Stephen Crane composed many novels, poems, and short stories but one of his novels stood out more than the others- The Red Badge of Courage. In The Red Badge of Courage, Crane utilizes tone, conflict, and imagery to emphasize courage and bravery. In his novel, Crane accurately and precisely describes not only the physical and mental challenges that face a soldier in battle, but the emotional challenges as well. This creates the theme of bravery and valor throughout the entire novel. Crane immediately sets a tone of disapproval and insubordination from Henry’s mother when he writes “But his mother had discouraged him. She had affected to look with some contempt upon the quality of his war ardor and patriotism. She could calmly seat herself and with no apparent difficulty give him many hundreds of reasons why he was of vastly more importance on the farm than on the field of battle”. He displays Henry’s courage through this as he defies what his own mother is advising him to do and continues on his dream to serve for the Union army. Crane also exhibited Henry’s bravery when he states that Henry felt like “prey” to his fellow soldiers because he was a “fresh fish”. Even though Henry didn’t feel accepted among the ranks of the men fighting beside him, he continued to stay and fight for what he believed in. Crane also
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Crane fearfully describes the first time Henry sees the Confederate army using excellent imagery when he says “From this little distance the many fires, with the black forms of men passing to and fro before the crimson rays, made weird and satanic effects” and he illustrates a safe haven Henry finds from battle when he writes “At length he reached a place where the high, arching bough made a chapel. He softly pushes the green doors aside and entered. Pine needles were a gentle brown carpet. There was a religious half
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