How Is Henry Turner's Natural State Of Mind

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Many years ago, philosopher Sigmund Freud created the idea of your brain containing the Id, Ego, and Superego. His theory stated that the id, involves the instinctual urges operated on pleasure. The ego, is the rational part of your brain. The superego, operates on your morals. Henry Turner, is a character who lost majority of his memories from life and had to cope with all his new surroundings. Before the memory loss, Henry’s natural state was the ego, for he was successful and a logical man. However, through Henry’s journey of regaining his life he displays many traits of the Id. It comes out majority of the time for he doesn’t have discipline on self control. For example, he instinctively just buys a puppy without asking anyone or thinking about consequences. He also wanders off without telling anybody where he is at times. At other times, he displays id around his daughter while he throws paper at her while she's trying to read, or even buy barging to her boarding school class to take her out.…show more content…
Althoug he had many impulse reactions, he also had many moments where he did the right thing after thinking logically. At first, he was mean to everybody. He was involved in a unfair lawsuit, treated his wife badly, and didnt care for much other than his job and making money. Throughout the movie, his super ego comes out while he learns to become a btter person. He decides to help out a family that was done wrong in the past, learn how to read, and work on rebuilding his family. Henrys new natural state is superego because all of his actions are now based off of what he believes is the thing to do. He is less impulsive and mean. His change was psoitive because he became a kinder person and brought happiness and love back into his
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