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Shakespeare used the Holinshed’s Chronicles as the historical source for most of his plays, and for the plot of Macbeth. The Holinshed’s Chronicles was a book published in 1587(second edition) about British history. The play Macbeth is not entirely historically accurate. Shakespeare changed a lot of things in his play Macbeth, like the characters Macbeth, Duncan, Banquo, and the three weird sisters. He changed the history of the play for many reasons, to make a good entertaining story, political reasons, like pleasing King James the first, and like in many of Shakespeare's plays he wanted to convey that their is a divine right of kings, and to usurp the throne is a crime against humanity.
Macbeth the character in the play Macbeth was very different from how he was portrayed. Like in many stories he was to be the “Tragic Hero”, brave, courageous, strong. So when Macbeth fought back against Mackdonwalds rebellion, they said
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In reality though, he was an accomplice in the murder of King Duncan, with Macbeth. King James the first had claimed he was an ancestor of Banquo, so of course Shakespeare could not portray Banquo as some evil murderer, that would not have pleased King James the first. You would think this would be hard to do for Shakespeare, considering that he believed so much in the divine right of kings, him knowing that Banquo was an accomplice and a murderer to a king, but not showing this in his play. That really shows what he will do to appeal to King James the first. Changing Banquo's character in the play also adds to the play making it more dramatic and interesting when good and pure Banquo is murdered, as opposed to Banquo the accomplice being murdered. It also shows Banquo as a wise voice of reason that warns Macbeth to resist evil, but Macbeth could not, again showing Macbeth as the “Tragic

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