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Kamala Das is undoubtedly the greatest woman poet in the contemporary Indo-Anglian Literature who has displayed diverse shades of feminity in her works. Kamala Das was born on 31st March, 1934 at Punayarkulam in the coastal region of Malabar in the state of Kerala. She was a bilingual writer. Ever since the publication of the first volume of her poems “Summer in Calcutta” (1965) she has been known for her bold and undaunted honest expression of various stages of her womanhood and role of woman in traditional Indian context. Das’s power lies in the naturalness with which she records and reveals her most intimate experiences which are very much uncommon in the Indian Society. Her volumes of poem such as “Summer in Calcutta” (1965), “The Descendents”…show more content…
As tender kids Kamala and her younger brother always bore the burden of swarthy skin and ordinary features. She narrates that her parents never told them that they were disappointed by the color of their skin but it was evident from their every gesture. She remembers how her father used to repeatedly shout at them to drink the purgative and told her grandma to apply turmeric and oil on Kamala’s skin. She wanted her father’s love and affection but she did not get it the way she wanted it. She writes in her poem “ Next to Indira…show more content…
Her complete world seemed to be revolving around her child. She found a toy to play with. Das herself explained the experience of child bearing in her autobiography and her poems in a very candid manner. She called it as one of the major milestones of her life. In her autobiography she has given a vivid account of her three deliveries in most effective terms. During her pregnancy her creativity reached at the peak and she used to sit throughout the night writing poetry. Even post- delivery, the motherhood brought a great change in Das’s approach towards life. In fact she shed all the carnal desires and became more inclined towards her kids and religion. “Jaisurya” is one of the famous poems of Kamala Das on motherhood which was published in 1967 under the heading of “Only the Soul; Knows How to Sing”. The theme of this poem is child birth and poet recalls her experience of giving birth to her first child “Jaisurya”. Here Kamala Das speaks of her groaning due to the labour pains. It was the time of rain and every “weeping tree the lush moss spread like eczema”, and from the beneath the muddy earth, the fat worms emerged. It is noteworthy that imagery used here, is sad and depressing. It was a “slanting rain” which had begun to fall at the very time of the first labour pain experienced by Kamala Das to keep company with her. At that time she neither felt the desire to be loved by her husband and nor the feeling of

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