How Is Life Unfair

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“If life is unfair to everyone, does that make it fair?”

Thinking about life, we all know that life is the most important thing that we have right now. Without life, we are nothing.Have you ever asked yourself what the purpose of your existence is? Why you’re here? Some say that life has no meaning,but others say there is. They believe that our life was already written and destined. Everything happens to us for a reason. But what is life? Why do we have to feel the sufferings and challenges? Why do they say that “just do your best” even though it’s still not enough? Why is life unfair? I asked one of my friends what life is for him, he answered, 10% is what happens to you and 90 % is how you react to it. He enlightened me.I started to think that it is in our hands. The answer is what you think of it.

The challenges of life we face everyday is an endless routine. We wake up everyday doing something that we don’t know what’s the use in the end. In order to live, we have to work hard to sustain our needs. As we go on through our day, we always notice some unfortunate people on the streets
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You hate your life by thinking that they have it all and you got nothing. You started off thinking that how about me? What if we’re rich too? Was I sleeping when God showered blessings? At some aspects of life being unfair are the insecurities that we have. You’re complaining that they are better than you. We can’t blame that thought. But do you really need to be beautiful just to be fair with them? Do we really need to be equal and the same as what they have just to be satisfied? Sometimes the idea of unfairness inside us triggers our mind with anger and fear. Anger due to jealousy of others abilities and things that we don’t have.The fear of not being enough, fear of others might drag you down, and fear of failing. It is normal. I believe that it is
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