How Is Love And Infatuation?

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In this paper I will discuss what is love and infatuation. I will discuss how can love affect a person, how is the feeling of being loved and what are the effects of it. I will discuss how it can be an inspiration and how it can be a distraction sometimes. I will also discuss what is infatuation, what causes infatuation and I will give some examples of infatuation. Finally, how does love songs effect people in general. I included music in this paper because I believe that music has a great effect on the young teenagers and even adults in their relationships. Let us first classify love. Love has many definitions, from basically loving your family to loving a significant other. But what is love and what does it mean? Love is the gap between heart-pounding and an adrenaline rush. A person who is in a relationship will feel like they are on cloud 9 and they will feel like they are complete, they will feel that they cannot live without their significant other. All those definitions of love that I mentioned are from blogs and people that I asked in the past. For me, love is that feeling when you had a really bad day, and you just see or just hear her/his voice and you just smile and you just suddenly become happy and like lightning you suddenly forget all of your problems. In reality there are no such thing as a perfect relationship. I can tell you this from experience. In a healthy relationship there must be conflict between the both of you so you can see how
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