How Is Love Inherently Evil

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“Love is natural, hatred is taught” by anonymous. This quote was part of an image that displayed two children of different racial backgrounds approximately two years of age shaking hands and you can tell by their facial expressions that being different does not bother them at all, but in the end they just want to be friends. Their big grins and smiles said it all. So, this justifies the fact that we are all inherently good, but we are corrupted by society or forced to be changed. If we examine generations before us, we find out that they lived more of a secure life than us and no matter how much we believe we are heartless we all have natural emotions toward many things like the love of people and our environment causes us to change into…show more content…
We gradually deteriorated from being good to evil. Consider the crimes existing nowadays, they are far more severe than the crimes committed in the past. Generations ago if someone robbed a shop that was considered scandalous and cruel. In contrast, today’s society we see much worse than robberies. Robberies have become a common crime now and all you see in the news is a world filled with hatred, wars, and terrorism. In some countries people are scared to step out of the house because so many things could go wrong from kidnapping to getting rapped. This shows that we are far more afraid of our own kind than we are of animals. If you’ve ever heard your parents or grandparents tell you stories about when they were young. Then, you’ve probably heard them saying that their parents felt safe enough to let them wander around and hang out with their friends when they were small. They felt safe and secure, violence was very rare. If they forgot to lock the house at night then it didn’t really matter, but today we see that everyone is scared of what could happen next. You can’t even leave your house without making sure your doors locked. This proves that humans were far better in the past then we are right
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