How Is Macbeth A Good Leader

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Within Shakespeare’s tragedy Macbeth, Macbeth, a thane of scotland uses his ambition and ferocity to become king. However, king should be a selfless leader who puts his country above himself a uses his position to help benefit his people during his rule. Macbeth displays none of theses qualities and as a result his rule was short and troubled. Prior to taking power, Macbeth was was a just ruler and a brave soldier. After riding home from a battle he has a supernatural encounter with a trio of witches. Hearing a prophecy from them, he and his wife conspire to take the throne by force. Although it’s not made clear by Shakespeare how worthy to rule he is prior to the prophecy, we do get to see a spark of dark ambition in him, one that ignite and consume him entirely. Later, the one to set it off would be Lady Macbeth and her mental instability. She would be his companion and his controller in the task of taking down the king. When Macbeth is convinced to murder Duncan, King of Scotland, he does so meekly and with feeble execution, having to go as far leaving parts for lady Macbeth to finish. This contradicts the universal belief that a king must be brave. Throughout history and literature our most famous kings such as Arthur, Beowulf and William the Conqueror have been known for their brave ways. Toward the end of…show more content…
Macduff makes no attempts to be this proper king. He rules by force and by fear, when prompted with a rival or opponent he doesn’t seek to solve the problem by diplomacy. Instead he likes to rile up the local criminals and get them to do the stabbing. Throughout history, many that did similar things get taken down eventually, and many literary figures get poetic justice too. Macbeth is no different from Mussolini or Emperor Palpatine, one who ignores the needs of his people and pays for
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