How Is Malcolm X Compared To Malcolm X

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Malcolm X, one of the most influential leaders in the Black community, transformed American values with his unfiltered statements and his determination for Black liberty and power. However, his controversial solutions concerned many, as he expressed comments that seemed intimidating, twisted, and somewhat vengeful, even though he contained honest intentions within his heart. He held many violent undertones in which made the white-folk very uncomfortable. In addition, his words caused the violent rebellions and delegitimized Martin Luther King’s non-violent resistance as a philosophy for the fool. People had claimed he was a racial segregationist, as he believed in all whites to be “devils.” He was asked questions like did he advocate violent methods to obtain liberty for blacks, as he supported Africans Rifle Clubs, and he inspired many clubs for creating violent Clubs. As Malcolm once said, “There is no such thing as a non-violent revolution.” In contrast, Malcolm denied these allegations of promoting violence, and his point of view shows the reason how and why the blacks had reacted in that manner. Later, however, Malcolm X did follow the “Honorable Elijah Mohammed,” and had always followed and believed in him. He followed the doctrines of how whites was “inherently” evil,” and could not enter Mecca, due to their skin color. Not only had that he criticized all whites for the problem of the blacks. He also called the whites on their guilty nature, so justifying the
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