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Belonging is defined as the feeling of security and support when there is a sense of understanding, inclusion and identity to a member trying to fit into a certain group and place. It is a perception of acceptance.

The short film by Mark Osborne, More, was released in 1998. The short film features a scrawny gray creature in it’s everyday working life. He is unhappy but gains the strength to keep going by his childhood memories. He works hard to invent a the machine that changes everyone’s dull and negative life by changing their perspective into a more positive light. He successfully creates the invention, but in the end is still unhappy and still looks back to the happiness he felt as a child.

The short film shows that when a sense of belonging
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The repetition of something can develop an attachment. The Imagery of the poem ‘And when the loaded ute bumps down the drive” It can be observed that they had a quick and practical reaction to their departure, which only develops when there were previous occurrences .

The line: “Bottling set.. Never unpacked” reflects a fatalistic acceptance of instability and unpredictability. This shows that they have had no choice but to accept the decision of leaving their place of belonging. And the narrative shows that the poem is easily distinguished from the 3rd point of view narrative, which shows the detached connection between the author and his subjects, which therefore, proves a lack of belonging.

This poem is relatable to Skrzynecki's “Migrant Hostel”, mainly due to the instability of shelter. The characters in both texts are unaware of their future, In Donald Bruce Dawe’s poem, both texts show the inconstancy and disorderly plan for the future show how unstable their life is.

Belonging can be interpreted in many different ways, and separate individuals grasp the meaning of it, in their own way based on different experiences, logic, and personal beliefs. It is a start of love and hatred, and is what makes us human, instead of living
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