How Is Narcolepsy: Helpful Or Harmful?

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By having a sleep disturbance is not a good thing because a lot of issues could happen if you are suffering from any of the disturbances like, first off, Sleep apnea where you will have trouble breathing while trying to get your rest. If there is an issue you have while sleeping and it is concerning you breathing then is could be the issue that you are not aware of. With the loss of REM sleep there is no way you can remember what is going on during the time of you waking up. The second disturbance is Night Terrors, with this disturbance your dreams of what you would overcome what you are thinking about, so whatever it is it could be so frightening it may be real and in stage 4 the brain waves start to become so erratic it feels so real that…show more content…
If you are not thinking that about things doing or have a hint that it can happen at any time, if it’s a family thing then there might be a cure or a remedy to control the sleepiness that may happen at any time. Getting the right information from your doctor and seeing what can be done to prevent this from happening in the future is the first approach to Narcolepsy. The fourth disturbance is sleepwalking, by moving your body as if you are awake is obviously not common in the sense of dreaming. This maybe in common at the first stage this might be where sleepwalking is involved in, with brain waves at a minimal signal walking through your sleep should not cause any problems or issues if or as it happens during the night, expect hitting something that you cannot see coming. That last disturbance is sleeptalking, it may not happen very often, but when it does you’re not even aware it’s being done when you doing it. In happens at a young age and eventually getting to adults and at times you may hear things that weren’t said. Men and women talk in their sleep and do the same without even knowing he or she is doing
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