How Is Nora Selfish

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Nora is first exemplified as the stereotypical submissive wife. Nora continued to allow herself to be treated like a doll or a child her entire life because she felt that it was her duty to be submissive to her husband, but towards the end she realizes she deserves to be treated like a human rather than a child. Hence, she stands up for herself and for her independence. Nora also felt obligated to saving Torvald’s life which is portrayed through her taking the loan out from Krogstad. Hence, her character traits override her morals.
Torvald throughout the course of the play is selfish and only cares about his reputation. He tells Nora he would do anything for her, but when it came time he was only worried about losing his reputation and good name. Torvald exemplifies the dominant husband that puts societal views of himself over his wife and children.
Nils Krogstad
The only thing Krogstad cares about is his career. If he doesn’t get what he wants he will go out of his way to ruin the
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Krogstad, in the beginning was very manipulative and made his dominance over Nora well known by stating her fate was basically in his hands. Nora as a woman was scared for her life and many times thought of suicide. This was normal societal ideas and women knew men could control their lives. Towards the end of the play both characters took a complete turn and went against the societal norm. Nora finally stood up for herself and Krogstad began to change his mind and he realized Nora didn’t deserve to be treated the way she did. Ibsen wanted to portray to men and women that women weren’t just play toys they were human beings and deserved to be treated like one. By Krogstad realizing his manipulation and Nora standing up for herself it exemplified the men and women both realizing women’s worth is more than just a housewife
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