How Is Othello Respected

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People grow up hearing the famous cliche “never judge a book by its cover”. Most of the time people take this as meaning when something does not look as good as it may be. For example, the cover of a book is very bland however the story within is an adventure that grabs ahold of the reader. However in one of Shakespeare's most famous plays Othello is the polar opposite. The main character Othello appears to be a distinguished individual, a great general with that is respected by his peers but internally he fights many battles within himself. Othello is torn between his love for Desdemona and his friendship with Iago. The internal struggle that he faces drives Othello to act out of impulse and in immature way. People are too often judged by what they…show more content…
Othello was portrayed as a strong willed general that has his world under control, when in reality he is in ruins, his life is slipping right out of his grasp. Othello was being manipulated by his lifelong friend Iago. Iago schemed a plan to convince Othello that Desdemona was cheating on him. Throughout the entire play Othello kept his cool, aside from a few moments it was as if Othello was unphased by such an event. It is often said that talking to oneself is the first sign of madness, likewise othello is even heard arguing with himself on numerous occasions about the state of his relationship with Desdemona and trying to sift through the facts to determine if she is actually cheating on him. Othello has such a hard time deciphering what is right and wrong because Iago is supposed to be one of Othello's great friends. Othellos outside and internal conflicts become apparent when he calls Desdemona a whore. Desdemona is taken back because she cannot think of a good reason why Othello would do such a thing to
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