How Is Parish Activities Important?

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Parish activities are important because for a person to truly be a part of a church he or she has to be involved in that church. This is not limited to attending mass, being involved in a parish means helping with other activities that the church puts on like the youth activities, service projects, fish dinners, and chicken dinners. I whole heartily enjoy volunteering at all of the activities the church puts on. These activities are a nice way to give back to the church, and to get to know members of the church that I may not see on Sundays at church. Volunteering is important because it shows others that you care about them pr the group that a person is helping. Any chance I have to volunteer, I take that opportunity and do the best I…show more content…
I truly enjoy this volunteerism because I get to set-up for an event then watch everyone enjoy the event which brings a smile to my face. Also, in college through football I have had opportunities to serve including being one of only 5 who went around and picked up cans for a can drive, and an all day service project cleaning a local summer camp for the children who would be attending this summer. Although volunteering may not solely be done through the church it is a great way to show faith. One of my favorite bible verses is James 2:14-18 which states that faith without works is dead to put it simply. This verse is one of the reasons that I hold volunteering deep in my heart. Catholicism is a very important to me for a few reasons. First, faith through works is one reason why being a Catholic is important to me because I believe that we are put on this earth to help others as much as we can. So if someone has not volunteered then that person has lost part of what being a true Catholic means. Another reason being Catholic is important to me is the tradition. This tradition was set a long time ago and will hardly change. Although some aspects like wording has changed, the foundation of the mass itself has been the same for many generations. Also, the tradition of every single object in the church and everything father does during the mass. These core Catholic traditions go back a long way and have only changed
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