How Is Permissive Parenting Affect Social And Emotional Development

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Drawing on relevant psychological theories and research this essay will exploit the impact of parenting on children's social and emotional development. Parenting styles and attachment will be the key areas of focus. This assignment will concentrate on permissive parenting, authoritarian parenting and authoritative parenting and how these parenting styles influence the social and emotional development of the child. The emotional aspect of development relates to a child understanding and controlling their internal emotions while balancing external social elements of interacting with other people and family. Social development involves learning the values, knowledge and skills that enable children to relate to others effectively and to contribute in positive ways to family, school and the community. This kind of learning is passed on to children directly by those who care for and teach them, as well as…show more content…
Parenting styles refer to the manner in which adult figures are accustomed to in the process of child rearing. This can refer to the caregiver's level of expectation, performance demands and attentiveness to rules as well as the style of discipline that the parents follow to enforce their expectations on the child or adolescent. Parenting styles tend to reflect two primary dimensions of behaviour: emotionality and control. There are three types of parenting styles that will be the focus of this piece, Permissive parenting, authoritarian parenting and authoritative parenting. (Baumrind’s 1971) permissive, authoritarian and authoritative typologies are currently widely used models of parenting styles..The use of parenting style is used to capture normal variations
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