How Is Playing Sports Play?

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Introduction: The idea of playing sports both collegiately and professionally is dreamed by many children, students, and individuals as they grow up learning and playing the different sports that they come to love. However, this dream ultimately becomes shattered when the realization that they are not good to play and compete at the next level. In some ways, this system provides an essential lesson that people need to know throughout life, and that is not everyone is going to be good enough and that is alright. There is no room for growth if everyone is told that they were good enough. Today, as a society, the vast majority is moving to a system that says everyone is a winner just for participation, and yes, this is important to a fault, yet children and students need to understand the value of winning and losing and the vital lessons that can be learned from both sides. Intra-Collegiate Athletics has some great ideas that are worthy of implementing, but on the other hand, what could be lost from Intercollegiate Athletics might outweigh the benefits gained from a transition to Intra-Collegiate Athletics. The real goal is to understand what the mission statement of the university is, as well as, the athletic department’s mission statement how they relate and what would change in the transition including its impact on the university’s mission statement.
Background on Aaron Kelly: Aaron Kelly was highly respected individual in the sports industry. He was a highly sought
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