How Is Police Being Acquitted Essay

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“Policemen Being Acquitted”

Police have a duty to serve and protect; but for the last 40 years they have been abusing their authority. Unfortunately, police brutality is common in America. Officers aren't even serving time for the crimes they commit. According to “Journalist’s Resource” “Minority groups do not feel comfortable when cops come around because they feel as if they are there to harm them and not protect them.” When police come around Americans are supposed to feel secure and not afraid. Policemen should be charged for their actions when they are abusing their authority. Officers have been abusing their power for years. A homeless man that was diagnosed with schizophrenia was killed by policemen. In 2011 in July three officers responded to a call of someone vandalizing cars. Officers seen Thomas shirtless and quickly thought that he was the one who was doing the vandalizing.While the officers were trying to arrest Thomas they tased him up to five times. Also, he was punched and kicked repeatedly by six policemen. There was a pedestrian that recorded the whole thing. Thomas was taken to St. Jude's Medical Center. He was in coma and pronounced dead five days later.
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Later, the police department confirmed that none of the officers had suffered any broken bones, and that no one other than Thomas had any significant injuries.In late September 2011, the officers were arrested on murder charges. Local law enforcement showed support by raising money for their bail and criminal defense.They were also placed on administrative paid leave with benefits. January 13, 2014 all officers were acquitted of the murder of Kelly
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