How Is Romeo And Juliet A Tragedy

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Romeo and Juliet is considered one of William Shakespeare’s best and most famous tragedies. But is it truly a tragedy? A tragedy by definition is a play dealing with tragic events and having an unhappy ending, especially one concerning the downfall of the main character. Considering that Romeo, Juliet, and several others die in the play, it is safe to assume that Romeo and Juliet is a tragedy. Part of what brought these unfortunate deaths to pass is the choices of the play’s characters. The choices of characters such as Romeo, Friar Laurence, and Mercutio. Romeo’s choices are some of the most important in terms of switching up the plot. His decision to kill Tybalt is one that helps lead the play into a more tragic scenario. Mercutio has already been killed, and if Romeo doesn’t do anything Tybalt already has guaranteed himself the death penalty from Prince Escalus. Romeo decides this isn’t good enough and kills Tybalt, leaving Prince Escalus to banish him. One of the other…show more content…
Friar Laurence did not know that his choice would end in disaster. As he tells Romeo, he thought “...this alliance may so happy prove/To turn your households’ rancor to pure love.”(2.3.99-100), he hoped it would solve the family’s feud. Unfortunately, Friar Laurence starts the conflict. The root of the problem is that when he married Romeo and Juliet, Romeo became related to all Capulets. This happens at the same time that Tybalt, who is now Romeo’s relative, is looking to fight Romeo. The marriage also causes a problem when Lord Capulet engages Juliet to Paris. Juliet does not want to marry Paris at all, and she’s already married, so Friar Laurence comes up with a crazy plan. Though it won’t go as planned, and lead to Romeo and Juliet’s demise. Friar Laurence had good intentions, but his decisions led to tragic events, further pushing Romeo and Juliet into the tragedy
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